Sunday, November 10, 2013

Working It (Love by Design, #1)

Working It (Love by Design, #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Working It – Kendall Ryan

Well fuck me running…. Talk about a hot little read!! It’s all here….. Including a threesome with a happy APA piercing!

Emmy is from a small town in Tennessee; she finishes college and moves to the Big Apple to get involved in the fashion industry. She lands an awesome job with the boss from hell. Fiona is Anna Wintour for sure. It has a bit of “The Devil Wears Prada” feel.

Ben, the agency’s golden boy sees the small town Emmy with her down-home ways, regular K-Mart clothes, and the need to feed him and take care of him and is immediately smitten with the curvy real girl that saves him from the green drinks and feeds him beer and blueberry muffins.

These two have a chemistry that burns up the pages. No two ways about it, Ms. Ryan knows her smut.

Ben is jaded by the business. He has never had a girlfriend, just a girl in every city. He has been exposed to the fashion world since he was a child and has never had anyone want him for him. The man under the chiseled features and what is seen on the glossy magazine covers. For all of his fighting he isn’t boyfriend material, he needs to possess Emmy in every way. Not only in the bedroom (and he does that very well.)

Fiona has had her hooks in Ben from before he signed with the Agency. She “owns” him. Fiona is really a piece of work. She keeps Ben to herself and the growing relationship between Emmy and Ben could cause major problems for Emmy. Fiona’s possessiveness could cost Emmy her job if the secret gets out.

Fiona makes Ben keep secrets. Emmy has no tolerance for that. She finds out that Ben has kept the worst secret possible from her about his relationship with Fiona. When Emmy finds out, she can’t deal and it looks like the end.

Will Ben win her back? Will Fiona get her way and keep Ben to herself? Can Emmy forgive Ben’s secrets? I’m not going to tell you…… you’ll have to read this hot little number for yourself.

There is a “hanging thread” at the end that leads me to believe there will be a book two for this book. There is also a wonderful story in the book that includes Ben’s model buddy Bray. Trust me; you don’t want to miss that……. (Hint, enter the APA piercing)

A great little story with a lot of hot sex that is worth the read.
My only issues with the book are that there is a little too much given away in the beginning. I didn’t think that was necessary. Also, the story line could have been a little deeper. I would have liked to spend more time with Ben and Emmy’s relationship and where it is going and how it all develops.

Truly looking forward to the next!

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