Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Angel After Dark

Angel After Dark is one of my favorite new romances!
Alex and Angel.... ohhh what can I say! A chance meeting in a home improvement store starts the story of the uber alpha billionaire and the smart, no nonsense doctor.
Alex is happy with just sex, he is all about the release with no commitment, where Angel has a friend with benifits when she needs her itch scratched until these two meet each other. They never get to follow through on that home depot meeting......and they stay in each others head for a while. Then surprising circumstances bring them together. This book is a lot about the chase.... and it is worth every single funny, smart, witty, edgy second. These two have a chemistry I don't encounter often in books. WOW.
There is a great back story for both Angel and Alex. The development of the relationship is done with such care and devotion. You will root for these two. The supporting cast is also important.
Alex is everything I love in an alpha male. Angel is a wonderful lead. Strong, funny, smart.... no whining! LOVE IT! She is a professional female. A very impressive one. And when they finally get together......... It's on!
If you are looking for a hot romance, look no further. Angel and Alex will get your gears grinding. Book 2 can't get here soon enough!!! Seriously...the good stuff is going to start going down... ;) Get this on your kindle! You won't be sorry!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Masters' Nightmare by Marita Hansen

Marita A. Hansen has created a world that has to be read to be appreciated. This series has really rocked me to the core and episode 6 can't get here soon enough. On the blog you will see the character bios, read them.. know them.
This is a world of the mob (2 warring families), a corrupt priest, the FBI, a sex slave ring, the black Russians and there isn't much else I can say. You have to love this stuff and then read this for yourself. Marita, thank you for these characters and your imagination. One of the best series I've ever read.

(Note to the reader....this is a dark erotica book with M/M & M/F relations, rape and other BDSM elements. PLEASE do not read and then take it out on the author in review if this is not your type of read)